December 12, 2019

Community Resource Fair & Family Fun Day

The Community Resource Fair & Family Fun Day was the first resource fair hosted by UCFS/CALC. We estimated 1,200 individuals attended the event and more than 54 vendors had participated providing information on various topics including fire safety, health, nutrition, education, banking and finance, legal, senior services employment as well as government agencies and officials.

The participants received a great amount of information in various areas to support their needs and questions were answered about each of the services. The information allowed participants access to more services and to have a better understanding of what is available and how to obtain support services.

The children were able to reach out to Michigan State & Troy police officers and tour the police vehicle to see how officers are able to help in communities, traffic and accident situations.  They were also able to walk through the fire truck and see all the equipment fire fighters use in their work.  Outside activities included three ‘bounce’ houses, riding the bike to blend a smoothie drink, cardio drumming and face painting. It was a great family day!

The purpose of the event was to provide resources for families to access and receive information regarding the services available in the community. There are so many services available in the community and many of our clients are either unaware of the service or how to access the service. Bringing the vendor and potential client together supports the work of the vendor/organization and increases the knowledge of the client. We also worked to build a communication bridge between families and vendors but also between vendors developing partnerships for the future.

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