Donor Advised Funds

Making a difference in the community couldn’t be easier. If giving is one of the values you want to be remembered for, the Chaldean American Ladies of Charity can help. A Donor Advised or Naming Fund at CALC will bear your name (or the name of a loved one) and represent the hard work and values that de”ne your life. It will become your charitable legacy. The CALC offers several types of Donor Advised Funds or Naming Funds to help with your philanthropic strategy.

  • We offer both endowed and non-endowed Funds at varying levels.
  • Our professional staff handles all administrative requirements for donors, and we provide support and access to community information in a wide range of interest areas.
  • CALC handles all of the paperwork, reporting, and record keeping. And you have a tool for carrying out your charitable giving. If you wish, you can be involved with decisions.
  • Charitable income tax deductions generated by gifts to these Funds receive the most favorable tax treatment under the Internal Revenue Code since your Fund is part of a 501 (c)(3)charity.

Establish your own Naming Fund or Donate to existing Funds.

  • AFPD Food Pantry Fund
  • Asso Kadisha Emergency Relief Fund
  • David &J oann Yono Health Care Fund
  • Hanna Kassab Emergency Relief Fund
  • James Jonna Health Care Fund
  • Nadia Atisha Education Fund
  • Nathima Atchoo Chaldean Angels Fund
  • Norman & Rana Yaldo Health Care Fund
  • Sarafa Family“Bernadette’s Kitchen”
  • Saturday Dreams Mentoring Fund
  • Savaya Family Special Needs Children Fund
  • Shamaya Kassab Oryhan and Widows Fund
  • Yvonne NonaChristmas Family Program Fund

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