Other Community Programs

Wesbite-Youth ProgramCoalition Builders
As a community member, CALC believes in working in partnership with our local churches, businesses and humanitarian agencies for the betterment of our society. CALC advocacy includes working with many local and national organizations, agencies and institutions to help the community. The commitment and generosity of everyone involved has sustained CALC’s mission of helping others.

Humanitarian Support Worldwide
Borders do not limit CALC’s efforts when it comes to restoring stability and rebuilding communities. CALC extends its resources and support to help orphans who have lost their parents and victims worldwide who suffer from the devastating effects of war or natural disaster.

Cultural Awareness
CALC’s multicultural outreach programs promote a better understanding of the Chaldean community, motivating others to learn and celebrate the traditions of our heritage. CALC’S complex efforts of collecting and documenting Chaldean recipes from its ancient Mesopotamian culture and publishing them in a professional cookbook will assuredly preserve the history, and culture of the Chaldeans.

CALC As a Community Builder
Activities that allow us to give back to other local charities.

St. Vincent DePaul Program

CALC and St. Vincent de Paul have partnered in a special program to aid Iraqi refugees in their resettlement in the Michigan area. This program is at no cost to you, and will help those who are in need of assistance.

St. Vincent de Paul will provide the CALC with the equivalent of $50 per month in prepaid debit cards for each month the Donation Bin is placed at your business. Download Flyer