January 27, 2020

The right of access to basic human needs – food, clothing, and shelter – has been a foundational element of our mission from our founding in 1961 through to today. We believe that by providing for these needs we preserve each individual’s human dignity. In 2016, UCFS collected, purchased and distributed thousands of items for our Basic Needs Program. Over 1,400 individuals were assisted and provided items below at no cost through the Basic Needs Center.

Basic needs services also included daily bene ts application assistance. UCFS is a State of Michigan Certified Agency to assist beneficiaries apply for MIChild, Healthy Kids, PLAN FIRST! & MOMS on-line and also a State of Michigan Benefits Access Community Partner assisting clients to access public benefits for which they are eligible.

2019 Gala Sponsors

Thank you to our Sponsors, your generosity is greatly appreciated as it assists us in providing valuable services and programs to disadvantaged children and families in our community.