January 27, 2020

2017 Scholarship Recipients

Nadia Atisha Funding

Miss. Salvin Samer Salim
This young lady an extraordinary accomplishments in many areas, specifically in leadership. 19 years old young woman. Who She started her leadership roles back in high school in serval as VP of Earth Smart, Co-Chair of the service committee for national honors society
She is currently Attending Michigan State University. With a GPA of 3.5 and her Major is Pre Med/Psychology graduating in 2020

Joleyana Y. Hirmiz
An 18 years old, a young lady who sees maturity as her ideal principal. She is a great team player, very active student, and she has been enrolled in the optical technology Program at the Oakland Schools Technical Campus and also a member and valued volunteer in many community groups such as, the National Honor Society, the OSTCES Student Ambassador, Varsity Tennis and Diversity Club.
She is planning on attending Oakland University this fall following that is Ferris State University for her Graduate Studies in the school of Optometry.

Nicole Hermes
Another remarkable young lady, who is known as Hardworking leader, as her Lamphere high school’s soccer couch stated. The reason behind that is for her amazing and great effort in all of, academic level, sports and her job.

She currently is attending Michigan State University with an Extraordinary GPA of 3.9. Majoring in Nutritional Science s with concentration in biomedical and molecular Nutrition to achieve her goal, she is planning on attending medical school after her graduation, after that she wants to specialize in pediatric oncology which will help her achieve her ultimate dream is to find cure for any type of cancer.

Samir A. Paulus Funding

Katelin Yaldo
18 years old. Graduated from Marian High School with outstanding GPA of 4.2! this young lady has a unique career and major interests. Science and Math. She is planning on attending University of Michigan, Ann Arbor for her Biomedical Engineering Degree. After achieving her degree, she wants to work on developing artificial organs for people with diseases.

Ashley Antoon
17 years old young lady, Graduated from West Bloomfield High School , with a GPA of 3.7 and will be attending Oakland University this fall by majoring in Health Science which will lead her to her dream career as a pharmacist.

Isabella Marie Anton
18 years old, also went to Marian High School and graduated with a GPA of 3.8. she is planning on attending University of Michigan, Dearborn to peruse her dream in the medical field. She wants to become an adolescent psychologist to help children around the world

2019 Gala Sponsors

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